Near and Far

At times you feel so near

Just a whisper away

Your voice like a murmur

In my ear

I feel you beside me



Leading the way

Telling me secrets

Confirming your presence

You draw

So near


Other times you feel so far away

As distant as a cloud on the horizon

A figment of my imagination

Untouchable and removed

I no longer remember the warmth of your breath in my ear

For all I see is the distance of you

The remoteness of you

The far-away feel of you

And I wonder if you are there

If you are even real

How can a voice that was once so clear

Suddenly be so silent?

A nearness so near

Suddenly be

So far over there?


And at times like this I realise

This is the mystery

That lures me in

A God that I can’t understand

Or ever comprehend

This is the beauty of your omnipresence

That you remain with me

Even though you are

So far away

Even when I don’t feel

You near

You are there


You make yourself known

In increments

And in shards

One bit at a time

Sometimes from up close

Sometimes from afar

Because that is the God

That you are


This God cloaked in mystery

Housed in mystique

This is the God

I seek



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