In the Beginning


In the beginning there was a baby

And God said

Let his name be Jesus

For he will save the world

He was small

And portable

And he slotted into my world

I could take him with me

Wherever I went

He was no trouble at all

This small Messiah

What a lovely Saviour

People said

I wish I had one like him


In the middle there was a boy

And God said

Let my favour be upon him

For he is my precious son

He was healthy and strong

And he followed along

Wherever I went

Wise and obedient

No trouble at all

This child messiah.

What a diligent Saviour

People said

I could do with a Saviour like that


Towards the end there was a man

And God said

Follow him

For he is the way to me

And I said

‘Of course!’

For I knew this Jesus

From when he was young

From when he was a babe in the straw

And I knew that he was no problem at all

This gentle Jesus, soft and small.

‘How easy!’ I thought

‘To find God through this man

Who knew it would be such a breeze?

For he goes wherever I want to go

And he fits into my world

with ease!’


But suddenly this meek and mild Jesus

This safe, secure Saviour

Changed before my eyes


Grew up

And when I turned around

I realized

He was no longer following

And when I looked behind me

He was no longer there

And when I looked beside me

The spot he filled was bare

‘Jesus! Where are you?’

I cried in fear

Look further afield, my child

I’m here


And there on the wildest waves

He was walking

With a storm at his feet

And the wind at his heels

And a fire in his eyes

And his hand held out

Follow me! Follow me!

I heard him shout


I looked again

And there he stood

In the middle of a crowd

With a scroll in his hand

And a voice speaking loud

Saying things that nobody

Wanted to hear

So they chased him to a cliff-edge

But still the words

Follow me

Came floating

Through the air


A third time I looked

And he was healing the sick

And the broken

And lame

Follow me

He said

And do the same


When I looked again

He pulled up a chair

Sit down and join us

He said

Sit here

And in the midst

Of the sinners and outcasts and frauds

He told me he did not bring peace

But a sword

And in order to save my life

I must lose it

And in losing my life

I would gain my soul

And through sacrifice

I would be made whole

And true love required

Me to lay down my life

For my brothers and sisters

For these outcasts and sinners

For greater love

Has no man


In the end

There was a Saviour

A dangerous Christ

And I followed him


Eternal life


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