This morning when I woke

The sound of waiting filled the air

Like a wistful whisper

As ancient as time

Yet as fresh as the dawning of a new day



It spoke of things to come

Things my eyes cannot yet see

Things my fingers can’t yet touch

Things still in shadows

Still in shade

It sounded like something

That could only be heard

By those who choose to



We’re all waiting for something

For life to begin

Or for life to end

Or for things in our life to begin again

We’re all waiting for things that

Are out of our grasp

And can only be reached

As we let time pass


I’m waiting for something

I cannot put words to

For someone I cannot describe

For who can imagine

A Saviour like mine?

Love and perfection



And the longer the wait

The greater the longing

The longer I wait

The more wistful the whisper

The longer I wait

The more certain I am

That there is no Saviour

Like the great

I Am


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