Elephant Tracks

A Tribute to My Mother’s Faith


Behind me I see elephant tracks

Indenting the ground

With their gravity

And magnitude

Magnificence and might

And I know


Has followed behind me

Unwavering and solid



The tracks are steady and straight

Steadfast and certain with their weight and wear


Beside me I see footsteps

Small craters pocking the ground

Saucers of solidness

Satisfyingly circular

At times the prints beside me

delve down deep

Where the elephant has stood a while

To wait or watch

To rest or refresh

To simply stand and be

Refusing to move until he knows

He is ready

I am ready


Beyond me I see

Brush marks on the dust

Where his trunk has swept me up

In a frenzy of fierce protection

Like precious cargo he carries me

And stampedes

With the force of the fiercest wind

And the speed of angel’s wings

Leaving blurred footsteps

With dusty edges

And cloudy perimeters


As he tears up the ground

In a rampage

Of fearlessness and force

Carrying me through danger

And despair

Even in those times

When I was unsure

He was there.


These prints before me, beside me, behind

Tell a story of steadfast strength

Stubborn support

And the fiercest of protection

That cannot be defined

Each footstep

Bears testament

To the deepest, widest, highest, longest love

That I will ever know

And a steadfastness

That never lets me go



Psalm 139:5-12


You go before me and follow me.

   You place your hand of blessing on my head.


Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,

   too great for me to understand!


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