Dandelion Day


Something was in the air

Floating just above my head

And it spoke of new beginnings

And things that had not been before

And things I had not seen before

And places I had never been

And sounds that were as foreign to me

As any sounds could be


A voice was drifting

Just above my head

New words were floating down

Like dandelion seed

And the words were spoken

In a language I didn’t speak

Or understand

But the joy in its tone

Was like refreshing water

Tumbling over stones

The old has passed

It said

The new has come


I make all things new

And your life has just begun


Like dandelions dancing on the breeze

Unlikely thoughts were pirouetting round my head

Ideas I’d never thought about before

Floating in my mind

Like flotsam on the shore

And dreams I’d never dared to dream


Drifting in my conscious

As weightless and light

As straw


My thoughts are not your thoughts

And my ways are not your ways

And something in the air changed

On that dandelion day


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