Every Breath is a Prayer


My daughter,

Why are you anxious

Why afraid?

You were made to hold my hand

And when your hand is in my hand

Then your thoughts are in my thoughts

And your life is in my life

All the way

All the way

Even your breath utters my name




I understand your brokenness

I know when you can’t find

The words

You want to say

When your energy fails

And you can’t even pray

And it feels like I

Am so, so

Far away


In those times

Gather in

Under my wide




Under the shadow

Of my almighty arms

Find shelter

Find shade

For I have made


To rest here with me for a while

I absorb every care

My daughter

Don’t you know

Your whole life is

A prayer?

-Your thoughts and desires

Your wants and your needs

Your troubles and trials

And unspoken cries


No words are needed

Rest here for a while

For under my wings

Every prayer is heard

Even when you haven’t


One single word

For with every inhale

And every exhale

You breathe my name




And when I am silent

Do not despair

For even in silence

In the void


I am there

And even in those times

Of emptiness

I care


From first breath

To last breath

Year after year

Every breath that you breathe

In your life

Is a prayer

And I listen

I hear

My daughter

I care

And even when I don’t speak

I have not disappeared


My every thought towards you

Is like sand on the beach

Without number

Without measure

Infinitely beyond reach

And I know what you are saying

When you don’t even speak

I’ve searched you and I know you

Inside and out

Your internal whispers

As loud as a shout

To me

For when you’re with me

You can simply be

Your innermost secrets

No mystery

And when you don’t hear my voice

I am still there

Existing beside you

In unspoken prayer


Come to me you weary

You broken

You poor

That’s what these wings

Were made for

To gather you in

Safe from all harm

For there is no danger

Or fear

In my arms

When you’ve lost the words

To say

Or you’re too tired to pray

Or when you think I am

So far, far away

Come under

Gather near

No words are needed here

Bring your breath as a prayer

In those times

When your words are bare

And as thin as the air

In those times when you’re sure

That I am not there



And let your breath

Say my name




Now you’re here

Listen closely

To the thoughts on my mind

They never change

These thoughts of mine

They resound with each heartbeat

Each feather proclaims

That you are my daughter

And I know your name

My prayer for you

So simple

So profound

So true

My daughter

I am in love with you

Oh love of my life

My heart cries out

I am always here

Where are you?



For my arms were made to hold you


My heart was made to love you

And my eyes made to behold you

Precious love of my life

And my thoughts towards you tumble

Like a raging waterfall

My love towards you


Like the mightiest of walls

And with the power of whirlwinds

And hurricanes

And storms

The fury of my love

Towards you



Did you not know?

Have you not heard?

You are found beneath the shadow

Of my everlasting wings


So gather in

With all your cares

And unspoken prayers

For it is here you can listen

You can be

Keep breathing, my daughter

Keep living and existing for

In perfect love

There is no fear

And your whole life within me

Is a







3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam says:

    Such a beautiful poem, and an anointed prayer. Thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. underyourwings says:

      Thanks Pam – I only wrote this a week ago in response to a youtube video of Richard Rohr’s on Yahweh.


  2. Wonderful poetry after my own heart. Keep writing. Its his gift to us as much as our gift to him xx


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