Swimming Pool Days

The sun shone brighter then

I’m sure

Reflecting off the glasshouse

Beside the pool

Warming us to the middle of our bones

The rubber on the inner tube

Was warmer then

I’d swear

Beneath our bare legs

As we rocked back and forth

One on either side

In the sun

The smell of mown grass

Was more pungent then

I know

Because I’ve never smelt it

Quite so strongly since

It held the promise of a hundred summers to come

It reminded us that life is long and we had just begun

The cicada song was louder then

I’m certain

It held summer in its song

And I’ve never heard it

Quite the same way since

And I’ve never heard it sang so long

For summers now are shorter

And the sounds have grown dimmer

And the days seem cooler than they used to then

And the smell of summer

Seems to have


As the seasons of my life

Have come and gone,

But still I remember

The promise locked inside

Those swimming pool days

When I was young


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